About Trackel

Trackel is a free service for uploading and sharing videos with a reference to specific locations.

I am a keen traveler myself. Before every trip I always try to find interesting destinations that I can visit while on my journey. However I increasingly found it more and more difficult to select the places I wanted to visit by only reading reviews and recommendations in text and pictures. This was when the idea for Trackel arose out of sheer frustration.

Trackel is a site created to do one thing, and do this perfect: provide actual video footage with reference to the location where the video was shot. It's a place for people who love to share hints and tips by posting their own videos on the coolest locations.

To kick-start the project I saved up some money and set off around the world for 7 weeks visiting lots of crazy and cool spots. Along the way I constantly recorded videos with my mobile phone and started to build Trackel.

Trackel will constantly improve the services on the site. Please help us with your suggestions and feedback. You can contact me personally at willem at trackel dot com.

Willem, 2009

newTV AppChallenge Winner 2010: Trackel